Sub-committee membership 2017-2018

The work of the governing body is largely carried out through the work of sub-committees. The membership of each sub-committee is listed below.


Mr. A. Bean, Rev. D. Bulmer, Mr C. Marsden, Mr. A. Rush and Mrs C Wiles

Curriculum and Standards

Mrs E English, Mrs D Greenbank, Mrs M Murphy, Mr A Rush and Mrs M Travis.

Finance and Premises

Mr A Bean, Rev. D Bulmer, Mrs D Greenbank, Mr C Marsden, Mrs M Murphy and Mr A Rush.


Rev. D Bulmer, Mrs E English, Mrs D Hough, Mr A Rush and Mrs C Wiles

Pupil Discipline

Mrs D Hough, Mr M Travis and TBC

Headteacher Performance Management

Mr A Bean, Mrs D Hough and TBC

Staff Dismissal

Rev. D Bulmer, Mr C Marsden, Mrs M Murphy and Mrs M Travis

Dismissal Appeals

Mr A Bean, Mr I Mallett and Mrs C Wiles


In addition the following governors have special responsibilities.

Mrs D Greenbank          Health and Safety

Mrs M Murphy               SEN

Mrs E English                Safeguarding

Rev D Bulmer                RE

Mr C Marsden                Pupil Premium


Each member of the governing Body is also responsible for working alongside a year group in school.


More details about the work of the sub-committees can be found on the link below.

Work of the sub-committees.