School Sports

We have a proud tradition at St Patrick's of competitive and non-competitive participation in sports.

We aim to provide a varied and rich selection of activities for the children to participate in both during the school day and as after school activities. These include more traditional sports such as football, rugby, cricket  netball, swimming, athletics and cross country to less well represented sports such as archery, fencing and orienteering.

In doing so we hope to encourage all children to not just participate in sports but gain a real sense of enjoyment in a physical activity and thus promote a healthy lifestyle.

Our children are first taught through a multi-skills approach which enables children to learn the basic skills necessary in any sport and then encouraged to apply their skills to a variety of sports disciplines. These skills are also essential in our teaching of dance and gymnastics.

Our involvement in the St John Fisher Sports Partnership provides us with many opportunities to compete locally and then to progress to regional and national competitions.

We are proud that we have been awarded the School Games Gold  Award which recoginses our schools commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive school sport.

For updates on our latest sporting participation please see the individual sports pages.