Children's Sports Blogs 2015-16

Sports Hall Athletics Tuesday 12th January


"When I went to Sports Hall Athletics I felt proud to be part of the team. Even though I was so nervous, I managed to run my race and we won it.  As Captain, I got to hold up the trophy and it was amazing!  It was one of the best experiences of my life!"   Erin Graham - Class 6


"We think being a team is the most important thing about a team.  Sports Hall Athletics inspires people to participate in sports and we have been helping the younger ones to try to get them in to school activities.  If you believe in yourself, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to."  Harry Avis and Thomas Karte - Class 6


"The Sports Hall Athletics was amazing because there was relays, obstacle races and field events like javelin, chest push, triple jump, long jump, speed bounce and vertical jump.  At the end we all sat down, there were other schools who came 4th, 3rd, 2nd and we came 1st.  We were amazed that we came first!"  Lily Olivia Mallinson - Class 4


" I got nervous, but it was quite exciting. On one of the races, I had to do two laps. I was a mile ahead of everyone, oh yes, when I was doing long jump, everyone was on 30cm or 20cm and I was on 80cm.  At the very end and I did a relay race with my friend Elise, also with some other kids. We came 2nd.  Next it was the boys go and they came first. Also in the end out of all the schools we won".  Emily Jones - Class 4