Sports Hall Athletics

Our year 1 and 2 children competed in a Sportshall Athletics programme held at St John Fisher on March 21st.

Ten boys and Ten girls took part and their talents shone through.

Overall it was a great introduction to taking part in front of an audience and a lot of noise! Congratulations to them all for doing so well.

Our girls did particularly well and it was also very pleasing to see several of our former students acting as sports leaders at the event.

Thank you to the many parents/grandparents who transported the children and for their encouragement.



 Our Year 3/4 team competed against  3 other feeder schools on Tuesday 19th January at St John Fishers. All the children performed very well. We came first in many of the field events and some of the relays. We won the competition overall, both children and staff were very proud. As the format of the event changed on the night we were very pleased with how our children adapted. Thank you to all our parents for fantastic support.

Our teams were as follows:

     year 3                                        year 4

Arlo        Kara                                  Isabelle B         Joseph D

Max       Isabella M                          Elise                 Dalton

Tiernan  Eudora                              Emily J             Fionn

Jake H   Aoife                                 Lily M               Joseph W          

              Casie                                Isabel T                          




TUESDAY JAN 12th 2016.

Our year 5/6 team had competed in and won our local event and were one of five schools trying to qualify for the Kirklees final on Tuesday February 9th at "The Barn"  Leeds Rd Huddersfield.

We began our qualification attempt with two relay victories, an impressive start. The field events (throwing, jumping, chest push, speed bounce) were performed well too but we can definitely improve on some techniques with a bit of practice.

Our mixed team of 20 boys and girls showed how talented they were and won through on the night. In particularly our girls, who won all of their running relays and perhaps 90% of the individual field events. The organisers were particularly impressed.

It seems it’s the 6th year in succession we have won this event; “What do you feed your children on?” we were asked. However our success is because we practice hard within the school P.E. curriculum and we also have a rich vein of talent within our school.

The next challenge will be very difficult as the schools we will now compete against have much bigger school numbers and are often based on middle school premises so they have much bigger “gyms” etc. However, we will try our best!

Congratulations to our team! Well done!



St John Fisher Partnership qualifiers - 24/11/15

The Year 5 and 6 team went to the St John Fishers Partnership qualifiers on Tuesday 24th November and won the event by the tightest of margins, 3-points!  St Josephs had a fantastic team and came second in the event.


Our teams were as follows:


Year 5                                       Year 6

Matilda        Aaron                     Mya                Harry H

Phoebe       Angus                    Shauna           Harry A

Scarlett H    Brock                     Olivia              Daniel

Aimee          Luke                      Erin                Thomas K

Chloe A                                     Hannah          William


We are now going through to the second round at Batley Sports Centre on Tuesday 12th January at 1pm.  All children need to bring a packed lunch to school and will be transported to the event.

All parental support is welcome!

Good luck!