"We recognise that every person has a divine origin and an eternal destiny. With this in mind, we at St Patrick's School, aim to provide an education which promotes the development of the whole person. Our children will be encouraged to live the Gospel values through all aspects of the curriculum and the events of their everyday lives, leading them to grow, develop and find fulfilment. We seek to foster respect for the unique value and giftedness of each member of the school community and to prepare our children for life in the wider world of diverse faiths and cultures."

 (St Patrick’s School – Mission Statement)


St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School is a community which attempts to reflect the richness and diversity of God's Kingdom, where all are seen as gifted and can learn form one another. We are committed to meeting the needs of every child as a unique individual.

We have a tradition of welcoming all children at St. Patrick's whatever their giftedness and this has been reflected in our most recent school inspection.

"Parents recognise and appreciate the outstanding quality of care provided for all pupils. There is a great deal of emphasis on inclusion and meeting the needs of individuals. The excellent support provided for pupils with learning difficulties and/or disabilities is a significant strength of the school’s work. Staff work very effectively with outside agencies in order to ensure that all pupils receive the support they need. This is especially apparent for those pupils with disabilities who require highly specialised support." 

"Very careful tracking of pupils’ progress throughout the school enables staff to provide individually tailored support, ensuring that all pupils achieve as well as they can. This is particularly true of pupils with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, who make exceptional progress." 

The schools policies and local offer relating to children with SEND (Special Educational Needs or Disabilities) are aimed at addressing the needs of children with a short or long term need, related to a physical, emotional, behavioral or learning need.


New SEND reforms

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