St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy

Sacrament of Confirmation


Meetings for parents and pupils:

Thursday 23rd January at 3:40pm (Class 6)

This will be an introductory meeting with Mrs Moulding and Father Eamonn to explain the process and the expectations of school, families and the pupils in the preparation and receiving of the wonderful sacrament.

Friday 7th February at 3:40pm (School hall)

This will be a discussion about what will happen at the Confirmation Mass on Thursday 13th February:

  • What the candidate must do and wear
  • What the sponsor must do
  • We will end this session with a short liturgy focussing on our chosen saints names.


Preparation Sessions during the school day: 12:30 – 1:00pm

  1. Tuesday 21st January Session 1   (Session 2 to be taken home)
  2. Friday 24th January Session 3  (Session 4 to be taken home)
  3. Tuesday 28th January Session 5  (Session 6 to be taken home)
  4. Friday 31st January Session 7  (Session 8 to be taken home)
  5. Tuesday 4th February Session 9 (Session 10 to be taken home)
  6. Friday 7th February Session 11 (Session 12 to be taken home)

There are a total of twelve preparation session booklets, I will be leading six of these during lunch time sessions in school and ask that parents with their child complete one at home before the next session (six in total).

This preparation will last over the next three weeks so that we are ready to receive the sacrament on Thursday 13th February.



I would like to say a huge congratulations to our fourteen pupils who celebrated the sacrament of confirmation at St Paulinus Church with Bishop Marcus on Thursday 13th February. Bishop Marcus spoke beautifully and from the heart to each of the candidates saying, that from this moment they are always to remember, “You belong to Jesus, and Jesus belongs to you.”

He reminded us all that no matter what is happening in our lives we always have God next to us even if we forget - He is always there, loving and cherishing us.

Our pupils were wonderful and I know they were all very excited and felt immensely proud. Well done from everyone in the family of St Patrick’s.