St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy

British Values

We integrate British Values within the ethos and values of our school. We gather together as a school community through assemblies, prayerful liturgies and celebrations to share important events that affect our local area and wider nation.  


At St Patrick's, we have a very active student voice across many different curriculum areas. Students take part in reading job descriptions, writing applications and are interviewed to receive some positions within school. In other instances, children are encouraged to prepare a speech and present to their peers in order to be elected into a position of responsibility. 

Children were actively involved in deciding our school ‘Always’ guidelines. 

Children are regularly asked for their views and opinions on things that affect them on school.  Pupil voice is collected when subject coordinators conduct monitoring checks. 

Some of our positions of student responsibilities are:

The Rule of Law

The importance of laws and rules, whether they be those that govern the class, the school or the country, are consistently reinforced at St Patrick's. 

Pupils learn from the earliest age that we have rules in school.  The overarching principle behind rules in school is our ‘Always’ behaviours. We consider our Always behaviours to be rules not just for school but for life.  In keeping these rules, children learn that they keep themselves and others safe and that when the rules are broken there are consequences.

When children make the wrong choice, and break the rules, they are given an opportunity to think about how they can make things right again.

Individual Liberty 

Individual liberty encourages the children to have the freedom to make their own choices, within reason. At St Patrick's, we support themed weeks such as Anti-bullying week, Mental health and well-being week, Children in Need, which allow children to express themselves in thoughts and actions.

Children have a strong understanding that all actions have consequences and they need to take this into consideration when making their choices. 


At St Patrick's we believe that it is important not just to tolerate those of different faiths and beliefs but to understand and respect them too.

We host one 'Interfaith Week' each term to learn more about different faiths and beliefs within our community and the world beyond.

Religious Education lessons help children to learn about other faiths and we arrange regular masses to our parish church to help the children to understand more and have first hand experiences.

Mutual Respect 

At St Patrick's, we have the understanding that we may all not have the same beliefs and values, but we still respect and appreciate each other for our differences.  High expectations ensure that the children respect our resources and classroom environment, respect our world with a focus on our outdoor space and respect of each other and our community. We make links with the wider community through inviting guest speakers in to talk to the children and offer our performances to people within the wider St Patrick's Parish.