St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy

Meeting Dates


Tuesday 29th March 2022 @ The Black Bull, Birstall, 7.00 pm
Tuesday 1st March 2022 @ The Black Bull, Birstall, 7.00 pm
Tuesday 15th February 2022 @ The Black Bull, Birstall, 7.00 pm
Tuesday 18th January 2022 @ The Black Bull, Birstall, 7.00 pm



 Why join the PFA?



Our own children are our most important possession. You will be a great role model; demonstrating you value their education and school community enough to take part (in any small way you can).

Research has shown socially, educationally, emotionally your child will benefit the more parents are involved in school life.



At meetings you can have your say, you can raise concerns, suggest ideas and input how funds are spent.

You will meet like-minded people who also have their children’s happiness and education as most important. It’s not all hard work; there is a social FUN side too!

Whether you want to organise an event or simply help out on the day (or before hand), you can utilise existing skills (and time!) and hobbies, and possibly acquire some new ones too.

You will be IN THE KNOW! You will find out what is going on in school and get to know other members.



Our school, more than others, is dependent on PFA funds to supplement the school budget as we are not funded like other schools in the local area.

You will play an important role in helping acquire key resources as well as rewarding the children with some well earned treats and the opportunity to socialise with their school friends in school. 

You will help build a sense of community.