St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy


At St Patrick's, we want to nurture the naturally enquiring minds and curiosity that children have and foster their scientific potential. Throughout our curriculum, children have the opportunity to explore the worlds of Biology, Physics and Chemistry with knowledge that is progressive, relevant and engaging to them. Through our school virtue, 'Be Courageous', we encourage children to take risks in their learning and use their inquisitive nature to make new discoveries. We intend that the skills, knowledge and scientific thinking the children learn through our Science curriculum will help them to develop a love and awe of the natural world that God created and a sense of appreciation of the gifts that our Earth provides. This will help them to be considerate consumers and take their responsibility of stewardship with pride in order to look after the planet, for themselves and the next generation.


Children at St Patrick's have weekly lessons in Science throughout Key Stage 1 and 2 following the programmes of study in the National Curriculum. In Early years, science is taught through the children learning about the world around them in their learning through play. Additional opportunities are provided in Science, such as British Science Week and educational visits linked to the science curriculum. 

Superhero Science Week - June 2023

During our Superhero Science Week our aim was to raise the level of children’s understanding of an investigative approach to scientific discovery and deepen their scientific knowledge and skills.  The children used various types of scientific enquiry to answer questions linked to our theme of ‘superheroes’. 


Key activities:

  • Each year group took part in exciting science investigations throughout the week, using as much first-hand experience as possible.
  • These will include opportunities for ICT, data handling and lots of active research by the children.
  • To encourage all children to develop good skills of scientific enquiry appropriate to their age.
  • Each year group across the school visited the science ‘Wonder Dome’ looking at ‘An Exploration of Space’
  • A prize was awarded to a member of each year group to a ‘Mad Scientist’ who became engrossed in the activities during the week and demonstrated good knowledge and scientific skills.
  • We had a Superhero Science Day on Wednesday 14th June when the children came in dressed as their favourite superhero, visited the WonderDome and enjoyed a picnic lunch!

Science STEM Week - Monday 28th November

During this week, the children will be using their science, technology, engineering and maths skills to solve problems and create solutions surrounding the FIFA World Cup

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