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Welcome to Class 5

Mrs Morgan

Class 5 Teacher

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Mrs Goldbold

Educational Teaching Assistant

Useful Information

Please find our Long Term Map below to see all of the exciting things we will be covering this year

This Northern Lights picture was completed by James! I am sure you will agree that it is an amazing piece of art work!

Mrs. Morgan planted some pretty pansies in her garden! Please share any photos you have of plants in your garden!

I wonder where the seeds are?

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Watch the video about air and air pressure! Jot down any new learning!

Remember to make a note of any new scientific vocabulary!

Thought you might enjoy this video of me para- sailing in Cyprus last year! Even though I did scream to begin with, I did love the experience!

Part two is how I landed back on the boat!!!

This plant was given to me as a present and as you can see it is taking over my kitchen!! Can you find out the name of the plant and tell me what you notice about it!!

Wellbeing Activity

Are you feeling worried at the moment? Perhaps the ideas in this lovely book will help you understand and have less worries, please read it together with your parents.

Baby piglets born on Saturday on the farm!

Baby piglets enjoying their milk!!

Look how they have grown!

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Please find below Class 5's Newsletters 

Autumn Newsletter
Spring Newsletters

Knowledge Organisers
Summer 2 Science- Science Enquiry

An update on my sweet peas! I placed them in my conservatory for a while. They have grown quickly. Why do you think this has happened?

Other Faiths


What we believe

The Apostle's Creed

Listen to the Apostle's Creed and try to learn it

Please see the BBC Bitesize Schedule for Daily English and Maths learning for this week - we will be continuing to provide the other learning tasks on this class page.

Our Daily Ten Arithmetic Challenge






Our Daily Maths work

W.C: 06.07.20 - Please use the BBC Bitesize daily Maths lessons - please click on the schedule above.

Our Daily English Work

Weekly Grammar and Punctuation- Adverbs of Degree 06.07.20

W.C: 06.07.20 - Please use the BBC Bitesize English lessons - please click on the schedule above

Our Weekly RE Task

Comparing Religions 29.06.20

 Our Weekly Reading Comprehension

06.07.20 Elves- Friend or foe?


 Foundation Subjects Ideas

06.07.20 Scientific Enquiry- Fun investigations about air and air pressure! Watch the video and make notes to complete your investigations!

A story to help you understand Corona Virus

2.06.20  Geography Knowledge Organiser- Europe

06.07.20-  Use Google Earth and the Internet to find information about The Alps.


Complete your own artistic impression of The Alps!

Safety and Risks at home leaflet