St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy

Art and Design

At St Patrick’s, we follow PlanBee’s Art and Design scheme of work. We aim to inspire pupils and develop their confidence to experiment and invent their own works of art. Art enables pupils to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of colour, texture, form, pattern and different materials and processes. The children have the opportunity to explore ideas and meanings through the work of different artists and designers. We aim for pupils to express their ideas and thoughts about the world as well as learning about the rich heritage and culture of inspirational art within the local area.

Displaying and sharing the work the pupils at St Patrick’s create (showcasing their skills and progress) enables pupils to create artwork with a real purpose. We want our pupils to be aware of different artists (especially considering local artists) and know that it’s good to have unique and individual styles; this will provide opportunities for inspiration and discussion. We want our students to understand that art can be a powerful form of personal expression.

Further Information

Art Curriculum Showcase - 19th October 2022

The curriculum showcase morning for Art was very well attended and children were enthusiastic with their work and viewing the work of others. It was lovely to see the artistic abilities on display and hear the children speak with confidence of their learning.