St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy

Fund Raising


Events held by the PFA have funded the following items:



Projector and sound system


2019 Guided reading books £3,370
2018 Outdoor storyland area £5,500
2018 New ropes for play area £
2018 16 IPads £2880
2017 New Soft Surface in the Playground  £4,245
2015 10 new laptops  £3,700
2014 The Woodland Project (part 2)   £1,000
2013 Extension building works at school   £3,000
2013 Smart Boards    £1,600
2012/13 The Woodland Project (part 1)   £1,400
2012/13 Playground and Early Year's equipment/tricycles/sand pits £2,123
2012 Jubilee Medals for each child £1,052
2011 Re-marking of all playgrounds £3,130
2010 30 laptops  £5,000



Total contribution over the last 9 years                                                       £39,860


Further planned contributions will be posted in this section as they are agreed.

How we raise and spend money


Throughout the academic year, the PFA arranges a variety of events for school funds and ultimately for pupils, parents and teachers to come together and have some FUN!  Generally they include an Easter Trail, Autumn Party, Movie Nights, Coffee Mornings and Clothing Collections.  All events rely on the   generous support of parents/carers/grandparents and everyone is most welcome to participate in whichever way they prefer.

We also apply for relevant grants from charities the committee feel are appropriate.

It is at our PFA Committee Meetings, that decisions are made on how to spend the money taken.  Usually, the school will have a ‘wish list’ of items to purchase.  Sometimes this will be as a result of the children  asking, other times for resources to improve a curriculum or school based environment.  In the main the PFA funds ‘extras' not provided by the school budget to make our children's learning experiences more fulfilling and exciting. 

The teacher liaison officer gathers requests from staff and children in school to bring this to committee meetings for voting and approving funding.  

We try to spend money fairly quickly.  This way you can be assured your child and everybody’s child  is feeling the benefit as soon as possible.


Other ways you can help raise funds are by signing up to Easy Fundraising and simply clicking the button each time you shop online. By purchasing your 'uniform name labels' through Stikins and using our code 35958, St Patrick's receives a huge 15-30%.



The PFA sincerely appreciates all of the support given to it by you, the parents and friends of

St. Patrick's School.

Without your support this fundraising would not be possible. THANK YOU.