St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy



The Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s are very active and supportive, arranging various fund-raising events which provide considerable sums of money, enabling us to enhance our resources and provision in ICT, sports and recreational areas.

The PFA are parents and friends of the school who organise events such as the Christmas Fair and the Easter Trail. The group is open to anyone who is interested in becoming involved and they hold meetings every 4 to 6 weeks during term time.


Our Aim: To coordinate fund raising and social events for the school community that in turn 

supports the school by enhancing the children’s educational experiences either directly or indirectly.


Our Promise: We will work as hard as we can (we are all volunteers!) to encourage and strengthen links between home and school by involving parents in the life of the

school and encouraging a two way exchange of information and viewpoints.  We will work as a team to make our children's time at St Patrick's a happy one. 


Our Ethos: To involve as many people as possible to make any activities or learning opportunities FUN! 


The main aims of the PFA are to create a friendly community spirit amongst the parents and children of the school, and to help raise funds which can be put to good use throughout the school. The events organised by the PFA have helped, over the years, to fund several items which include Laptops and Smart Boards, Playground and Early Years equipment, and the recent building works at the school


“One view, which is typical of the majority of parents, is, ‘I feel very privileged that my child attends St Patrick’s– a lovely school where every child is cherished.’ The school is cheerful and welcoming, and many pupils and parents comment positively on the ‘family atmosphere’ and ‘community spirit’.”

Ofsted inspection 2007