St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy


Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic the preparation for the sacrament of Reconcilliation has had to be put on hold. Please do not worry - as soon as we are able to open again we will contact you to continue the preparation.

Thank you.


Following the vision and guidance of Bishop Marcus, the preparation for the sacrament of reconciliation in April 2020 will be using ‘family catechesis’, where children must attend the sessions with their parent / carer. A catechist will lead the sessions and guide everyone through the materials, this allows parents/carers and children to grow in faith together.

We recognise that parents are the natural educators of faith to their children, and their example in leading the Christian life is so important,

“…it is almost impossible to provide an adequate substitute” for them (parents) as teachers. (CCC,2221)

The sacrament of reconciliation will be celebrated on Thursday 2nd April at the end of the school day (starting at 3:45pm) here at St Patrick’s school.  It will begin with a short service led by Fr Eamonn that involves the children. It will take place in the hall and finish with the celebration of reconciliation for each of the pupils. We ask that family and friends who wish to join in the celebration come to school and be seated in the hall for the start of the service at 3:45pm.


There will be three sessions of family catechesis in preparation for the sacrament, a parent or carer will be expected to come with their child to every session please.

The dates for the sessions are:

Session 1: Wednesday 4th March in school – 6 to 7pm.

Session 2: Wednesday 18th March in school – 6 to 7pm.

Session 3: Wednesday 1st April in school – 6 to 7pm.

Celebration of the sacrament of reconciliation – Pupils first confession Thursday 2nd April in school at 3:45pm