St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy

Our Online Safety

Supporting children to stay safe whilst online is an essential element of safeguarding children when using technologies such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, social media or games consoles. The Internet is an important and necessary part of everyday life, so children must be supported to learn how to manage and respond to risk and build online resilience.

At school, we embed online safety within the curriculum throughout the whole school and raise awareness of the importance of safe and responsible internet use amongst pupils. School internet use is monitored and pupils are supported in reading and understanding the school’s Acceptable Use Agreement.

At home, it really is essential to talk to your child about online safety to avoid the risks your child can face online such as bullying, contact from strangers or the possibility of them seeing illegal or inappropriate content.

If you have any concerns about online experiences your child has had or would like some further advice or support please contact school on 01924 423220:

Our Computing Lead and Deputy Head - Miss Gott or our Headteacher - Mrs Moulding

Online Expectations at St Patrick's

Below are a number of fact sheets produced by the NSPCC to support with aspects of staying safe online.

Useful websites for additional information and support when staying safe online.