St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

School Uniform

The children look tidy and purposeful in their school uniform. It helps create the attitude of "here we are and we have a task to accomplish".

We have endeavoured to arrange our uniform so that it is both economical to purchase, easy to wash and hard wearing.


Boys and Girls

Green pull-over/cardigan, or the green sweatshirt bearing the school logo.



Tailored, straight legged, charcoal grey trousers

Green skirt

White blouse/polo shirt bearing the school logo



Grey trousers

 White shirt/polo shirt bearing the school logo



Plain black school shoes or plain black smart trainers with black laces and no flashy logos 


Note: In summer girls may wear a green/white dress and both boys and girls may wear the polo shirt with the school logo.


Note: Black pumps/plimsolls are worn in school to keep floors clean and to provide dry footwear on wet days.


Note: Large bags are not acceptable as they take up valuable space in cloakrooms and can be the cause of accidents.

Children do need a small bag to carry their reading books and pencil cases and these may be purchased from the Parents and Friends Association.



 Coats and anoraks need a fairly strong loop. It might be a good idea to sew an elastic loop to the child's coat, this does ensure that coats stay on pegs when not in use.


It is absolutely essential that all items of clothing are clearly marked with the child's name as this can save you and us hours of fruitless searching.




Boys and girls

White polo shirt or white T-shirt

Green shorts

Black pumps/plimsolls



Boys and girls

White polo shirt or white T-shirt

Green shorts

Trainers (that are easy to put on and take off)

In winter - warm clothing/track suit.