St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy


Voluntary Contributions Scheme

VCS Bank Mandate Form

As so many of you will be aware the increased demands being placed upon the school budgets means that many schools are finding it very difficult to balance the books. Our school has already had to make challenging budget decisions this year with staffing levels and extra-curricular activities and curriculum enhancements available to our pupils.

I am conscious that you as parents/carers already help us in so many ways but I would ask that you consider donating to the Voluntary Contribution Scheme.

As parents/carers, we ask that you consider making a voluntary contribution of £4 per family per month (£1 per week) to help us fund the vital work that needs to take place at our school. If you are able and wish to donate more we would be very grateful.

Works positively impacted by the contributions have kindly made include the extension to the front of the school, reroofing over Key Stage 1, Early Years, the school hall and the kitchen, new windows in the school hall, security gates to access school along with classroom and toilet refurbishments.

If you are able to contribute to the scheme our preferred method of payment is to set up a standing order and pay monthly, a link to the form is at the top of this page. 

Thank you for all that you do to support the educational experiences that we can offer your children. Please see the letter below regarding the impact of your voluntary contributions.


Mrs C Moulding (Headteacher)