St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy

Sacrament of First Holy Communion May 2023

Following the vision and guidance of Bishop Marcus, the preparation for the sacrament of Holy Communion in May 2020 will be using ‘family catechesis’, where children must attend two sessions with their parent / carer after school and there will be some sessions completed in school with two sessions completed at home. A catechist will lead the sessions and guide everyone through the materials, this allows parents/carers and children to grow in faith together.

We recognise that parents are the natural educators of faith to their children, and their example in leading the Christian life is so important,

“…it is almost impossible to provide an adequate substitute” for them (parents) as teachers. (CCC,2221)

The sacrament of Holy Communion will be celebrated on Saturday 13th May 2023 at 11am at St Patrick’s Catholic Church in a special mass for our Year 4 pupils and their friends and family. Once we know the number of pupils who will be celebrating we can inform you of the numbers of friends and family that are allocated a place on a bench.  


There will be seven sessions of preparation for the sacrament, a parent or carer will be expected to come with their child to the two after school sessions and complete two sessions at home.


Pupils who are beginning the journey of preparation will be presented to the parish at St Patrick's church on Saturday 25th March at 6pm Mass - it is hoped that all pupils will attend with their families.

The dates for the preparation sessions are:

Session 1: Wednesday 22nd March in the school hall at 6 – 7pm (Parent and child must both come to the session)

                  Preparation materials will be handed out and the first session completed together.

Session 2: Wednesday 29th March completed during the school day.

Session 3: Wednesday 5th April completed during the school day.

Session 4: To be completed at home over the Easter holidays and the book returned by Tuesday 25th April

Session 5: Wednesday 26th April completed during the school day.

Session 6: Wednesday 3rd May completed during the school day.

Session 7: To be completed at home and the book returned by Thursday 11th May 

We are planning for a rehearsal for the children in St Patrick’s Catholic Church on Friday 12th May during the afternoon, being collected from St Patrick's Church at 3:10pm, in time for the end of the day. (To be confirmed nearer the time depending on Fr Eamonn's diary)