St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy

Introducing Our Governors on the Academy Council


Linda Brown (Foundation Governor)

My name is Linda Brown and I currently hold the position of Chair of the Academy Council at St Patrick’s Primary Academy, working with my fellow academy councillors and the Headteacher to ensure the provision for all our pupils continues to be of the highest standard. I am a practising Catholic and active member of St Patrick’s Parish with experience to bring from my role as a Catholic Primary Headteacher prior to retirement. Through my family attachments to the school and parish (I was previously the school administrator in the 1990’s and both my sons attended the school), I am fully committed to working hard to both support and challenge the school to continue to move forward, maintaining and enhancing the excellent reputation and standards the school has already achieved.

During the coming academic year at St Patrick’s, I hope to keep you regularly updated as to the work of the Academy Council and how we are working to support you and your children. We will be sending out a half termly newsletter to parents and carers. In addition, myself and my fellow academy councillors will continue to attend as many school events as possible and will be making ourselves available on the playground each week in order to provide parents with the opportunity to meet us on a regular basis throughout the school year. 

I look forward to the new academic year and am excited as to what it will bring to the whole school community.


Elizabeth English (Foundation Governor)

 Hello, I'm Elizabeth English, and currently hold the position of Vice Chair of the Academy Council at St Patricks Primary Academy. I am a practising member of St Patrick's Parish and I am currently Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning at a secondary school within the Diocese. I have been a governor for many years to ensure that the provision at St Patricks continues to meet the needs of all students academically, personally and spiritually. My husband and I both attended St Patricks along with our three children, all of which had a very positive experience. I look forward to the new academic year and continuing to support our whole school community


 Claire Wiles (Foundation Governor)

My name is Claire Wiles and I’m a Foundation Governor at St Patrick’s Primary Academy. My role as a Foundation Governor is to preserve the religious character of the school. I am a practising catholic and my two children serve with Father Eamonn at Mass on a Saturday evening. I also help to deliver the Children's Liturgy which is attended by the younger members of our parish and school.

I am employed by the Environment Agency as a Senior Advisor and work collaboratively with Industry, Stakeholders and Government to create better places for people and wildlife, supporting sustainable development.

I am fully committed to my role as a Foundation Governor, and I look forward to the new academic year and what it will bring.






Philip Smith (Foundation Governor)

My name is Phil Smith and I am a Foundation Governor at St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy. My Hobbies are travel, football, golf and soul music. All 4 of my grandchildren and my 2 children have had the pleasure of attending St Patrick's Academy. Throughout my career, I have managed large operations within the Telecoms bracket dealing with transformation, sustainability, performance management and human resources. I have been president and captain of my local golf club and I have a football coaching background. 




 Michelle Chappell Dixon (Parent Governor)

 Hi, I’m Michelle Chappell Dixon and I am a parent Governor. My children and members of my extended family attend St Patricks Catholic Primary Academy, so it is important to ensure that school continues to support students and the community both Academically and Spiritually. As a Financial Director, I hope to bring skills and knowledge that will be a benefit to the school and Governing Board.


Rosanna Drewery (Parent Governor)

My name is Rosanna Drewery and I was appointed Parent Governor in March 2023. I have two children at St Patrick's and my extended family have always attended St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy, so it has a important place in our family life. I am a Solicitor practising in Child Care law and when not working or being a mum, I enjoy reading and exercising.



Nathan Stones (Foundation Governor)

My name is Nathan Stones, being a previous pupil of St. Patricks and with two children to follow (God willing) into the family of St Patrick's, I was keen to take up the role of Foundation Governor. As an IT professional, career wise, I thought my skillset and knowledge may be beneficial to the school and the wider Governor group.