St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy

Virtues Education at St Patrick's


What is a Virtue?

A virtue is a personal quality that is good. Something that makes us a better person. Something that makes a positive difference in our lives as well as the lives of others.

Something you do because it is the right thing to do – even when no one is watching.


We teach and follow 'the virtues to live by' because they are part of our CHARACTER EDUCATION, supporting families in nurturing our pupils into the best version of themselves that they can be – and of course we lead by example at school and at home.


We have looked at the life of St Patrick, our patron saint and decided together which virtues were clearly important in his life. We have found that the three main virtues of:

                                  BE FAITHFUL                       BE LOVING                         BE COURAGEOUS

are very important in order to try and reflect the life our patron.


From these three main virtues we have looked at how we can live faithfully, live lovingly and live courageously in our lives both at school and at home.


We are growing in our understanding of how to be the best version of ourselves through the "Virtues to Live by" programme, where we focus on a different virtue every three weeks. We learn about the virtue through story and looking at the lives of Jesus and the Saints.

Our Vitrues Display in the Hall
Our Vitrues Display in the Hall